Help for overworked Chiropractors who want to spend more time helping patients, and less time on patient education & marketing  

You believe Chiropractic care changes lives -- you’ve experienced the miracles in your own practice, from patients on multiple drugs to taking no drugs, to daily headaches and migraines to pain-free days. You’ve witnessed too many transformative cases to not believe it can. Sure, the potential to earn a good living in Chiropractic is an attractive bonus….but you wouldn’t be where you are today if you weren’t also 100% convinced in the drug and pill-free healing power of Chiropractic.

Which means that, like most Chiropractors, you took those first tentative steps into Chiropractic school fueled by dreams of a future spent helping your patients achieve happier, healthier lives.

But as you walked away from your graduation ceremony—new Doctor of Chiropractic degree in hand—and into the doors of your first practice, you quickly realized Chiropractic school and all those hours spent hunched over textbooks, worrying about board exams, and diving headfirst into clinicals did NOT prepare you with all you needed to know.

In fact, you likely missed out on one of the most critical lessons of all:   If you want a successful, sustainable Chiropractic practice, just being a great Chiropractor won’t be enough.


As most Chiropractors find out the hard way, running your own Chiropractic practice means you need to take on many roles you aren’t ready for:

    ✓    Entrepreneur

    ✓    Small Business Owner

    ✓    Patient Educator

    ✓    Marketing Expert 

Which makes you stuck trying to figure out the answers to questions people in these roles need to know.

Questions like:

    •    How can I make sure I have enough patients?
    •    What do I need to do to make my practice last long-term?
    •    Why don’t my patients really “get” what Chiropractic is?
    •    What are the best ways to market my practice without a big budget?


And that’s why we created EduChiro -

To make it easier for Chiropractors to fulfill those other roles effectively so they’re able to focus on what they do best: helping patients and making a difference.
A patient education and marketing tool made for Chiropractors, by Chiropractors.

Anyone who’s ever been there knows how difficult and overwhelming it can be to take on all those extra roles… if being a Chiropractor isn’t challenging enough by itself!


We felt like we were forever explaining what chiropractors do!  On paper, whiteboards, plastic vertebrae tools - you name it, we tried it.  We spent a LOT of our time trying to educate patients, but we could tell we weren’t getting through to all of them.   Patients still had questions and retention could have been better, because they weren’t understanding the true value of Chiropractic that we were trying to share with them….

Dr. Scott and Nicole’s EduChiro story begins back in 2008 when there was little information available about Chiropractic for everyday people...

At the time, Dr. Scott was running his own chiropractic practice out of Queensland, Australia with the help of Manager Nicole.   Although the practice was thriving and we had plenty of patients, we had a bit of an annoying problem….

To combat these problems, save ourselves some time, and hopefully make things easier for our patients, we looked around to see what we could find in the way of patient education videos.   But what we found was disappointing. Besides a few old-fashioned powerpoint-style videos (which we knew our patients would hate watching even more than we would hate showing), there just weren’t any practical, easy-to-understand videos available to educate everyday people about the world of Chiropractic.

So, it looked like we were on our own to figure something out. scott-nicole.jpg

At first, we planned on creating a video just for Dr. Scott’s office.  But the more we thought about it, the more we realized the potential we had here to help other Chiropractors worldwide who we knew were also running into many of the same problems we were. 

And so, EduChiro was born. 

We were a little nervous, but we also felt so confident that we were onto something, took a courageous leap of faith and got to work. 

Those 2 years were tough, but we came out on the other side with a final video that we were proud of and ready to share with the world. 

And, it turned out our hunches were right - the video was just what our fellow Chiropractors needed.  It wasn't long before their positive feedback started pouring in. 


Educhiro aims to keep a very high standard of delivery and

report up-to-date research information.

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