Frequently Asked Questions

  How can I see how many views I've had?

You can view the number of the video views played on statistics tab in your Educhiro account. 

Can the videos be put on FB?

You will be able to link your social media with your website link


What happens if I change websites?

If you change your website address or domain name you must notify us via email or call 1-888-215-5662 to assist you further

I purchased the web streaming however my site isn't active yet.

You can still watch Educhiro videos from your Educhiro account until your website is ready.


How can I view what videos you have?

Go to video tab on the Educhiro site, here you may view samples of each language and length of video. Once you have started your trial and customized your videos, you can begin to view


Can I have the video on more than one site?

Yes but you must purchase a separate license for each site.


Our website is now live. Why is your video not functioning?

Please email or call 1-888-215-5662 to assist you further


I represent a marketing company for Chiropractors and would like to use your videos on our consumer website. How do we get started?

You may apply to our affiliate system


Do you measure how many visitors view the video?

You may view the number of the video played in your Educhiro account


We are still developing our website and intend on using the video at a later time, can we still purchase it now?

Yes; however it is best to purchase your subscription for Educhiro videos once your site is active so that your billing does not start until the video is active.

What is the best video for waiting area?

Any video between 7, 11 and 19 minute can be played in your waiting room. However, you may choose you own preferences. Click HERE to evaluate what video is suitable for your needs.


What happens after the trial?

You will receive a message to subscribe to a monthly subscription.


What happens if I change my website domain?

If you change your website site address you must notify us at so that we can issue access to your new domain.

How would I know the number of views or plays to the video?

You may view the number of video played per month under ‘Statistics’ in your Educhiro account.

What if I don’t have a website, can I still use this video?

Yes, you may view the video direct from your Educhiro admin account.


How does your affiliate program works?

We would be happy to discuss it to you, kindly fill up this Affiliate form to assist you further.


How can I embed the code into our website?

Simply log into your Educhiro admin account.  Click the Embed tab, here you will see directions that you may cut and paste the html code to a page on your website, e.g. website homepage. Or you can forward the HTML code/script to your developer to embed.

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