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2. Customize your video

Play your personalized video with or without a website. Add your practice’s logo and contact info, then choosing the version (by length and language) of the video you want. There’s no limit to how many versions you can use at once. See below to find what languages we offer and see how to know what video to choose

3. Distribute and share your videos

Send to your patients straight through our platform, showing it in your office, streaming it from your website, or any other way you can think of! See below for our recommendations of the most effective ways to use the videos

Email video direct to patients - No Website Needed

Personalize your emails - Pre-educate New Patients - Reconnect with follow up patients

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Customizable player

your video business card

Educhiro videos customization helps the practitioner to build, brand and grow their practice. At the same time the video will also help to retain existing patients and help them to easily refer more family and friends. 

It is important for chiropractors to advertise and market their services to the general public and get the chiropractic message outside of their office. 

Educhiro videos aim to bring in a paradigm shift in the way chiropractic advertising and educating the public is done. Your customized video leads the viewer on a journey to discover chiropractic. These professional studio developed videos are a class apart from the video marketing tools that are currently available. 

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Play videos from your website

Build, Brand and Grow your practice

Easy embedding into your website and seamless playback.  We make it easy for you to get your videos in front of your patients wherever they are. 

All our videos can be easily watched from any device, anywhere - inside your office, outside office, on your website, straight from a link in your patient’s inbox, and more!

How do I know what video to use?

We show you the best ways to use the videos for attracting, converting, and retaining patients

Here are some of the versatile ways Chiropractors who use the Educhiro’s videos, are already getting the best results:

Decrease no shows with targeted online marketing:

share on social media

  • We make it easy for you to get your videos in front of your patients wherever they are. All our videos can be easily watched from any device, anywhere - inside your office, outside office, on your website, straight from a link in your patient’s inbox, and more!
  • The best way to decrease no-shows is sending your patients an email (which you can do right through our platform with your subscription) with a link to either the full- or mid-length video before their first appointment.
  • Choose the length that’s right for you based on how much explanation you want to leave for yourself to do personally during the appointment. Think of it this way: the 19-minute video can replace 19 minutes of you explaining, while the 11-minute video will replace just 11mins.

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For attracting new patients:

You can educate before they enter the clinic

Since your videos will be branded with your logo, clinic name, and contact info, they are a great way to get new patients to notice you and to make you look professional. Help spread the word by:

  • Sending video links out before a patient steps through your doors makes sure your patient truly “gets” what Chiropractic is all about so they’ll want to come to that first appointment….and then keep coming for long after that.
  • Showing the mid- or full-length video in your reception during open house days
  • Playing the 11min mid-length or 7min short-length video at fairs, expos, or any other live events you take part in 
  • Sharing the 4min teaser video on your social media or homepage

For getting more referrals:

Encourage your patients to share the video

  • Share the videos with your current patients so they can send more referrals your way since it gives them some easy-to-understand talking points to use when they explain Chiropractic to family and friends.
  • Ask your patients if they wouldn’t mind sharing the video (any length is fine) with anyone they know who they think might benefit from Chiropractic care.

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For cementing long-term retention from your current patients:

A video for every patient

EduChiro’s videos can also be used for your current patients by giving them a little reminder about why they are coming (and should keep coming) in for regular appointments.

Here’s a few ways you can share it with them:

  • Email the video to current patients and give them an incentive to watch it (discount, entry into a raffle you’re having in the office, etc.)
  • Show the video at events, seminars, and classes you organize for current patients
  • Ask current patients if they wouldn’t mind watching a quick video just before or after their appointment and give you their feedback in exchange for a small incentive.



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